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How To Be A Diffuser User

We have all seen or tackled the large circular device that can be attached to a blow dryer, known as the diffuser, but do you really know how to be a diffuser user? There are a couple of rules when it comes to using a diffuser. First, you have to know what kind of curl you are looking to achieve. Whether it be an array of long loose ringlets or a tight collection of bouncing curls, the diffuser can help you attain a lasting look in which you have designed. Next, determine the type of product you want to use with a diffuser for it may give you a different look as opposed to letting your hair dry naturally (air dry). For example, using a mousse such as Aussie Instant Freeze mousse will give you a crunchy hard curl after air dry but with a diffuser your hair will have a more textured feel and look.

After applying your selected product, (I usually use a curl cream such as Morracan Oil Curl Cream) attach the diffuser to the blow dryer nozzle and set the blow dryer to high heat, while blow dryer is in use maintain at the lowest speed. For tight bouncing curls with a lot of volume sit in a chair and flip your head between your knees. Gather your curls in the diffuser and hold the diffuser up to your scalp for 3-5 seconds and change your placement so you are not constant in one area. Continue until front section is dry. Having your head turned over and bringing the hair towards your scalp gives you extra lift and keeps the curls in a tight spiral pattern, rather than having the curl expand due to moisture and humidity in the air. Sit straight up in the chair and tilt your head to the left. Again gather your hair into the diffuser and raise the blowdryer to your scalp. Continue the same routine on your right side until your hair is completely dry. Finally, loosen your curls by using a frizz serum or anti-humectant such as Aveda Anti-Humectant; this product repels moisture and works wonders on any frizz problem. When applying your ending product start from the ends of the hair, for it is the oldest part of hair; work your way through the mid-shafts. Complete by pushing your finger tips into your root area to finish off the serum and add extra volume.

Twist Your Curls Into Shape

The usual routine to style your hair usually consists of turning your head upside down, scrunching an unbelievable amount of mousse into your locks, then heading out the door and hoping it wont frizz. Let’s subtract stress and curiosity from your everyday routine, and add a more professional route, by starting a regimen that will preserve a clean curl for an extended amount of time. Twisting your curls will play in your favor; It creates a more natural look while maintaining a longer lasting curl, as opposed to an everyday style which sometimes can be tedious. In order to start twisting you will first need a good curl creme, BeCurly by Aveda mixed with a dab of Brilliant Universal Styling Creme by Aveda will give you effortless frizz free ringlets. Different products will give you different results; for example if you are to use a mouse such as Garnier Fructis, it will leave the curls crunchy and flakey.

Begin by wetting your hair and adding product throughout, start at the bottom of the nape (the bottom of the scalp from which your hair grows) and section off as many 1/2″ to 1/4″ sections twisting them in both directions clockwise and counterclockwise.  We want to obtain a curl that is willing to stay in its pattern and not mangle with other strands causing dreadlocks or breakage. Continue throughout the whole head of hair taking different sized sections and twisting the portions of hair until there are no more loose strands to twist. Finish by letting your hair air dry. After your style is set, keep in mind touching your curls while they’re drying will create excessive frizz.

Step-by-step photos will be added to MyPhotos shortly.


-My Curls

Caring For Your Hair While You Travel

Climate change, products, and different water types are some pros and cons when it comes to traveling and caring for your hair. Always map out your trip for your hair similar to the way you would make plans for yourself. Look at the weather ahead of time and determine what extras you may need. For example, if you are traveling somewhere cold and humidity free bring a flat iron because your hair will look wonderful completely straight.If you are traveling some where hot and humid pack your in-case-of-emergency mousse because your hair will most likely be out of control and frizzy. Also, experiment with products outside of your familiarity; they may work wonders on your hair. When it comes to showering, water types can effect the way your hair dries. Most water is considered hard water because it is not filtered, this causes your hair to become heavy and weighed down. However, some shower water is filtered or purified which is very clean and can leave your hair light and airy. The difference between the two when it comes to styling is the amount of product you need to add to your hair. Less product for hard water because your hair is already weighed down and more product for filtered or purified water to keep your hair frizz free.

I have recently traveled from New York to California and I immediately noticed a difference with my hair once I stepped off the plane. San Francisco is very foggy and humid so my sleek curls from New York transformed into a huge cotton like afro instantly. I kept my regular product at hand, including my ICOE mousse, and headed for the shower. After showering and wondering why the water seemed so crisp and my hair so large, I realized the water was purified.  I tried different products and styled my hair with more fullness. My rule of thumb: when it’s big make it bigger and it will look better.

Keeping Your Hair In Tact While You Sleep

Waking up and looking like a lion may be nice for a Sunday morning but on an everyday basis, we want to keep the maintenance of our curls as low as possible. By keeps the curl in tact and minimizing frizz change your pillow case. Invest in a higher thread count in pillowcases or in a satin sheet set and see the difference. The reason the higher thread count  is better for your hair is because it locks in moisture and keeps it from breaking. A lower thread count is hard and has roughly 100 to 500 thread count, meaning it is more coarse so your hair is more likely to mangle and break. Egyptian cotton is a 1200 thread count and one of the best fabrics for your hair; it is soft and silky so your hair will glide across the sheets and maintain your curls.

After testing the satin pillow case method, I’ve decided it is a fair investment for my hair. When I woke up and looked at the reflection of my curls I noticed more of a shine, my hair was of the same style of the night previous. My skin is also softer, so I’m not complaining about the $15 I spent for a set of pillow cases on amazon.com. Think of it as treating yourself to great nights of sleep for fabulous hair.

Limit Frizz During your Air Dry

There is a simple trick when it comes to decreasing frizz while your hair is wet and its without products! Instead of rubbing and drying your hair with your cotton towel, go to the kitchen and use a paper towel. Its that simple. A cotton towel creates frizz with your highly textured hair, even if you gently wrap the towel up and put it on your head. A paper towel simply absorbs the water and keeps the curl in tact instead of breaking the curls and causing breakage.

I usually take 3 sheets of paper towel and flip my head upside down. I wrap my hair in the paper towel long ways and wrap it on top of my head in a bun. I apply make-up or wash my face, depending on the time of day, then take my hair down and apply a direct leave in condition. Then I use the paper towel to clean the bathroom.