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Twist Your Curls Into Shape

The usual routine to style your hair usually consists of turning your head upside down, scrunching an unbelievable amount of mousse into your locks, then heading out the door and hoping it wont frizz. Let’s subtract stress and curiosity from your everyday routine, and add a more professional route, by starting a regimen that will preserve a clean curl for an extended amount of time. Twisting your curls will play in your favor; It creates a more natural look while maintaining a longer lasting curl, as opposed to an everyday style which sometimes can be tedious. In order to start twisting you will first need a good curl creme, BeCurly by Aveda mixed with a dab of Brilliant Universal Styling Creme by Aveda will give you effortless frizz free ringlets. Different products will give you different results; for example if you are to use a mouse such as Garnier Fructis, it will leave the curls crunchy and flakey.

Begin by wetting your hair and adding product throughout, start at the bottom of the nape (the bottom of the scalp from which your hair grows) and section off as many 1/2″ to 1/4″ sections twisting them in both directions clockwise and counterclockwise.  We want to obtain a curl that is willing to stay in its pattern and not mangle with other strands causing dreadlocks or breakage. Continue throughout the whole head of hair taking different sized sections and twisting the portions of hair until there are no more loose strands to twist. Finish by letting your hair air dry. After your style is set, keep in mind touching your curls while they’re drying will create excessive frizz.

Step-by-step photos will be added to MyPhotos shortly.


-My Curls