MyVideos include step by step tutorials and useful tips and techniques to keep your hair in top shape. Click one of the links below.

Easy Frizz Fix for Curly Hair

Twist Your Curls Into Shape

Summer Curly Hair Accessories 

Bow Accessories for Curly Hair

Pin Set and Diffuse



2 responses to “MyVideos

  1. I love your videos!! Very helpful! I have larger curls and med length hair. I have not had curly hair all my life, it started getting curly when I was around 18. So I am fairly new to this. My hair is dry and frizzy, especially on top. My biggest concern is what I put into my hair as I am afraid of it weighing it down and it going weird. I loved your tips for frizzy hair and will be trying them, but I wonder, how is the best way to wash and moisturize my hair and then style for volume and definition. Thanks again for the wonderful tips!!

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