Smooth and Straighten Your Hair Without a BlowDryer or Flat Iron

Using a blow dryer and flat iron is damaging to your hair, the split ends seem to increase as your shine and luster decrease. To keep your hairs’ natural oils and give yourself a soft smooth straight finish simply set your hair. Setting your hair is not difficult although having a friend help would be nice. The best thing to use are magnetic rollers; make sure you have a good product to help keep your hair sleek. Use the magnetic rollers when your hair is about 70% dry; to start use a smoothing cream such as Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Cream, the moist hair will grip to the roller with ease (use a spray bottle if necessary), use tight tension and a fine tooth comb, comb and pull your hair around the roller in a circular motion until you reach the base of your scalp, then pin the hair in place. Do this to the whole head and let your hair air dry. Spritz some light weight hair spray throughout your locks before taking your hair down. Once your hair has fallen, run smoothing serum throughout your hair and break up the flip (don’t worry, it won’t make the flip fall out). Enjoy.

This technique is used commonly in small salons intended for thick, extremely curly hair. After rolling the largest magnetic roller set at 1 1/2″ throughout my hair, I gave myself a manicure and pedicure and watched an episode or two of Sex and the City. When my nails were dry I unrolled a roller and ran my finger across the hair shaft before taking the roller completely out. Once I knew my hair was completely dry I took the rollers out and threw my head upside down and applied the smoothing serum, I used Aveda Brilliant Smoothing Serum. You can also use soda cans which act as a magnetic roller, they are big which gives your hair less of a curl and more of a wave.


4 responses to “Smooth and Straighten Your Hair Without a BlowDryer or Flat Iron

  1. Sounds great curl girl. It would be nice to see a picture of that sexy do!

  2. love the site!

  3. I can’t seem to fully load this page from my iphone!!!!

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