Limit Frizz During your Air Dry

There is a simple trick when it comes to decreasing frizz while your hair is wet and its without products! Instead of rubbing and drying your hair with your cotton towel, go to the kitchen and use a paper towel. Its that simple. A cotton towel creates frizz with your highly textured hair, even if you gently wrap the towel up and put it on your head. A paper towel simply absorbs the water and keeps the curl in tact instead of breaking the curls and causing breakage.

I usually take 3 sheets of paper towel and flip my head upside down. I wrap my hair in the paper towel long ways and wrap it on top of my head in a bun. I apply make-up or wash my face, depending on the time of day, then take my hair down and apply a direct leave in condition. Then I use the paper towel to clean the bathroom.


2 responses to “Limit Frizz During your Air Dry

  1. Great trick curl girl! My favorite curly hair product line is Kinky Curly. It’s all organic and leaves my curls soft and without frizz. I only wash every 5 days and spritz with water daily and apply Kinky Curly curling gel and diffuse on low heat. Voila!

    • Hey Dina, great advice! I think I’ve tried the Kinky Curly line and I liked it too. What I remember It kept my hair soft and very healthy looking, I will have to retest the product and give you my full feed back. I wash my hair every 5 days as well, I feel the longer I go without washing the nicer it gets. Thanks for your comment.

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