Welcome, About OhMyCurls

✋Hello my fellow Curlfriends!👋

We all have had a nightmare or two when it has come to our hair. The time you got it cut at that new salon and they completely butchered your curls. Or the time you’ve had some type of object stuck in your wild head of hair. In this blog you will find curly hair secrets, tools to use for your hair, cool styles for curly hair for every day wear, hair cuts to try for your texture and curl, recommended products for your hair, and more. Also, send questions to the MyCurls e-mail and have them answered and posted on this blog.

I am a licensed hair stylist in New York. I will be testing various products and techniques with my hair to find every curl trick there is. I hated to fuss with my hair growing up. Once I learned to manage my cotton like frizz and begin to care and style it is when I started to really adore my hair. I have discovered many tricks so far and have heard many questions that I will answer.

Thanks for checking out MyCurls😚👌🎆


4 responses to “Welcome, About OhMyCurls

  1. Cool. I look forward to advice, seems like people ignore us straight hair challenged people.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful blog and youtube videos! I have been at war with my curly/frizzy hair for 50 years… till now!! After following your instructions and using the products you mentiond (Giovanni direct leave in) it’s like I have movie star hair!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise – bless you!

  3. I truly love this blog. It has been a LONG journey to find someone with the exact hair texture as mine. Its fantastic that you have posted your tips and suggestions. I have been using your techniques and have much success with it. Thanks again, I hope you post some vids or posts on your blog. Take Care:) Amy

  4. I also have wavy hair and I have to say that several in the things definitely ring accurate to me
    as well. Nevertheless it is something which you
    get adjusted to and attempt to make the best of.

    Ther are great days and bad days, having said that i do manage to get
    my hair to appear the way I want!

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